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  • Calm and happy with ZeroStress

    Calm and happy with ZeroStress

    Coco says that going to the parlour has never been this much fun!  She was calm and had a fun time with the humans who were removing her much knotted fur.  Everything seemed like a fun day at the park.  Thank you for spraying me and the car with ZeroStress.  Please tell all the other humans to use this soothing and calming mist for their fur children before taking them to any place other than home.  This amazing product is normally R159, but this month of October it is only R109 for 100ml... Stock up says Coco!  Woof woof  Zero Stress 100ml

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  • Love your pets, use the ZeroStress

    Love your pets, use the ZeroStress

    We live in a very stressfull environment.  Everything is urgent.  Deadlines are constantly part of our day. 

    Somehow we mange to carry these burdens into our personal lives and even onto our dearly loved pets.  They need to be groomed if they live indoors and that means taking them out of their comfort zone and into another environment where there are loud buzzing machines trimming off excess hair, strange people shampooing them and many other four legged friends whining and barking in unison trying desperately to let their owners know, that this is not on!

    The next time your furry friend needs to go to the parlour, spray your vehicle inside with ZeroStress to help your baby to relax.  It will make the experience a whole lot less intimidating. 


    For the love of dogs




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