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    the (R)evolutionary lifestyle

    Some critics claim that reduced carbohydrate diets are a fashion trend.  Well, this "trend" actually dates back to ancient times.  Anthropological studies of early hominids have concluded that they lived as hunter-gatherers.  While nuts, seeds, vegetation and fruit made up a part of hunter-gatherers diet, his mainstay was hunted or scavenged animal prey.  More recent evaluations of early man's nutritional patterns by Dr Loren Cordain, estimate that as much as 65% of his kilojoules were derived from animal products.

    Granted, early man was not eating corn-fed Angus beef, but he was eating the meat, the organs and the bones of his prey-essentially, a high protein and high-fat diet.  It was much more recent that man began exploiting an agricultural niche.  This transition was made due to decreasing population of large game prey, an increasing population of humans and the more permanent settlement of humans in specific areas.  

    More proof that you are a predator.....

    First of all, there is the fact that your eyes are situated in the front of your face - ideal for hunting because we needed the three-dimensional vision - flight animals eyes are at the sides of their heads. 

    Accept it, our metabolism is slow - to be able to digest complex proteins, the digestive tract is very long and has a slow process.  This ensures the optimal absorption of nutrition from food.  Compared to the vegetarian gorilla we have a 60% longer digestive tract and a much slower metabolism.  Slower metabolic rate also indicates we need to eat less often and not "graze" like many animals.  With a high carbohydrate diet, humans behave like grazing animals and develop problems like diabetes and obesity. 

    With all the information on hand, it is still very difficult to change bad habits.  We are no longer gatherers or hunters.  We are now (most of us) glued to our seats and do very little physical activities that would assist in the burning of all the unwanted kilojoules. 

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