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  • Love yourself and your gut

    Love yourself and your gut

    Great health starts in the body’s digestive system, where nutrients from food and supplements are broken down, absorbed and distributed to the rest of the body. We are all aware of how the food that we consume today has deteriorated in vitamin and mineral value. 
    An unhealthy or damaged digestive tract and diseased organs will starve the rest of the body of essential nutrients and allow toxins into the bloodstream.

    Probiotic means ‘for life’ in Greek.
    These friendly microorganisms, when taken in adequate amounts, form the core of nutritional supplements, as their use positively influences the whole body and your overall health.
    As much as we think that we are healthy, most of us have a deficiency of some sort. 
    Before we consider taking any supplements  watch  this video explaining why we should be taking OptiFlora daily. 
     Taking OptiFlora improves the following:  

       Impact of food poisoning.
       Food allergies.
       Lactose intolerance – it helps to break down lactose from milk.
       Infections like sore throat,candida and bladder infections.
       Prolonged times of stress.
       After surgery or a course of antibiotics.
       Constipation or any bowel problem like:

    PS: It may be necessary to supplement up to 3 times the normal dose of 1 capsule per day when taken after a course of antibiotics or to fight off an infection.


    If you have unhealthy gut flora,  no matter how many good supplements you take, they are not absorbed by your body! You are, in effect, throwing your money down the drain!!
    The Annique OptiFlora is the start to building up a good immune system.
    To order yours contact Charmaine on 083 716 3635 to arrange for prompt delivery
    Rooibos Always greeting 

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  • Is your energy depleted?

    Is your energy depleted?

    Sometimes we are so tired that we just cannot muster up the energy to go on.  

    Our limbs are heavy.

    Everything is just too much trouble.

    Does this sound familiar? 

    If so, then you could be suffering from a toxin overload. 

    OptiClear is an easy, safe and affordable way to detox your overloaded organs.


    What is OptiClear? 

    OptiClear contains Absorbatox that absorbs heavy metals, toxins and nitrates.  Heavy metal toxicity can have detrimental effects on your health.  OptiClear is FDA certified, helps to restore organ equilibrium and is safe to use ( it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream, but stays in the gastrointestinal tract) even in severe cases.  Absorbatox adsorbs toxins, changing its molecular structure and rendering it harmless, after which the body removes it naturally.   

    OptiClear acts as a sponge in the stomach and adsorbs the toxins produced in much the same way as a sponge soaks up water.  In addition, it removes any foreign substances in the body.  Assume, for instance, that a beer drinker has consumed 5 beers in 45 minutes.  By the time possible 2 beers would have been absorbed into the bloodstream, with the remaining  3 beers waiting in the stomach for absorption into the bloodstream.

    Ingesting OptiClear capsules will sponge up the three beers in the stomach, effectively keeping the alcohol in the stomach until it has passed through the digestive system and out of the body.

    Why use OptiClear?

    If you have problems losing weight - a good course of 2 months can result in effortless weight loss for the first time!

    Turn back the effects of free radical, and, therefore, ageing.  OptiClear restores organ equilibrium which enables the body to do its own repairing work. 

    Do you want to see allergies disappear? A toxic liver or body is the main cause of allergic responses in the body. 

    Medical research has shown great relief and benefit for 



    chemo patients

    irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    spastic colon

    gastrointestinal problems (heartburn and ulcers)


    Cigarette craving declined in some users.

    Sugar craving declined in most users.

    PMS symptoms declined in most users

    Energy levels improved in all users!










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  • Recovery time

    Recovery time

    This summer holiday seemed way too short!
    I am sure that we all feel that way and as the old saying goes, it is not fair that time flies when you are having fun!  
    After such a lovely summer break, there is bound to be some telltale signs that we indulged a little too much of that delicious deserts or maybe enjoyed one too many of those chilled ciders a little too often.
    Well, here at Annique, we have a solution to shake those little reminders.
    To prompt your metabolism back to what it should be, I suggest that you start with an OptiFlora daily to encourage all those tummy bacteria to work together.  Normally this is R219 for 30, this month only R139.
    If you suffer from high or low blood pressure and have signs of fatigue, then consider using the OptiToniq+ daily, 16 drops of this miracle worker daily and you will see the difference within 3 days!  Normally this is R289, this month only R189 for 30ml.
    The sluggish metabolism is easy to help along with our pleasant tasting teas, make an iced-tea potion with Detox(giner root) , Metabolism (Fennel) and Colon Cleanser (Sennae) and you will feel fabulous in no time at all..  Normally selling at R49 per 50g, this month only R24.50 each.
    Our Lifestyle Shake is a balanced meal replacement which helps us to eat correctly while it supplies us with all the vitamins and minerals we need to function optimally.  The flavours available are Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cafe Creme.  These all sell for R369 for 500g.  This month the Chocolate is available for only R279 for 500g. 
    Please feel free to look around at all our other products on my website and if you would like to know more or have me do a skin analysis for you, just pop me a note or give me a call, I would love to help.
    The communication of the moment seems to be whatsapp, so if that is your preference, whatsapp me on 0837163635 anytime, otherwise email or even call me. 
    Rooibos greetings from me to you! 

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