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  • Eliminate your terrorists!

    Young and untouchable

    While our bodies respond to our demands and we are active and able to move about freely without much hindrance, we consider ourselves to be pretty healthy. We are untouchable, or so we think

    Whether we admit it or not, there might come a time in our lives when menial activities might be our daily mountains.

    The degeneration of our bodies is caused by free radicals.  

    What is a free radical?  It is an element or molecule that is not in a strong relationship with another.  These act like terrorists in our bodies. 

    Anti-oxidants are like the police force, they remove free radicals.

    Is your police force working in your body?  Are you feeding your body enough anti-oxidants?

    Is it too late?

    In our fast-paced life, we grab a cup of coffee as a quick pick-me-up and think nothing of it.  It is what everybody does, so why the fuss?

    Caffeine depletes the calcium in our bone structure...We consume copious amounts of coffee without a thought for our poor bodies.  We are overpowered with the delicious aroma of coffee.....Mmmm

    If you find that your nails and hair are brittle no matter what you try, it might be that you are consuming too much of that delicious beverage.... Your hair and nails are signs of your bone health in 10 years.... consider that! 

    Next time you want to grab that cup of coffee, consider having a cup of Annique Green Rooibos Tea ( overflowing with anti-oxidants). This amazing drink will pick-you-up in a way that is beneficial to your body in ALL ways.

    It is never too late to start living a healthy life.

    Turn around now....

    When you suffer from heartburn it is a shoutout from your body that you have either too little or too much acid in your stomach.... To change those bad habits is going to be the struggle, but the ultimate problem is that the acid in your stomach is out of balance.


    The OptiToniQ+ is a supplement which helps the body to remedy the stomach acid.  Only 16 drops of OptiToniQ+ daily is needed to balance your pH in your body. 




    Order yours here for prompt delivery

    Age Defence Solution  OptiToniQ+ will:

    • Improve hydration
    • Restore the body’s mineral balance
    • Ensure transport of nutrients and oxygen directly into the cells
    • Enable faster detoxification
    • Remove waste products


    This age defence solution is a 100% pure, natural and organic balanced concentrate of water with Himalayan crystal salt containing 84 minerals and trace elements which are identical and essential to the human body.

    These minerals are bio-available allowing it to be quickly and completely absorbed and digested in the body.

    ToniQ+ is the primary nutrient to acquire and maintain optimum body condition. It rebalances your body’s pH and provides essential minerals for optimal cell health.

    Be healthy, naturally! 

    Rooibos greetings  

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