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  • How to have gorgeous lips

    How to have gorgeous lips

    Greetings 🌂
    During the winter months I belong to the Dry Lips Society of which I am most definitely the driest lip person.
    Yesterday when we were out and about, my darling husband looked at me and smiled, he then pointed to the mirror and told me to have a look at what I looked like.  I was covered in  Resque creme ... The relief it gives me is more important than what I look like, but then I am a little over enthusiastic!  
    This led me to inquire about how to have beautiful smooth, soft lips..
    My findings show that the steps below at least twice a week should get my lips up to smoothness  💋
    To keep them soft and supple this is what I need to start doing: 
    Step 1:  Scrub them with  Creme Exfoliator
    Step 2:  Rinse off with  Rooibos -infused water
    Step 3:  Apply Forever Young  Eye Therapy  on lips and around the lip line.    
    Step 4:  Apply Annique moisturiser   of choice 
    Step 5:  Apply  Annique Foundation    which is best suited to my skin colour, tap lightly...
    Step 6:  Apply  Colour Caress Concealer which best suits my lip colour on lip area  tap lightly..
    Step 7:  Apply Annique Lip Colour  of my choice 
    I find that when I apply lip colour with a lip brush, it stays on longer and is more evenly spread, giving me that good lip look which I desire! 
    I would love to hear your stories on how you manage to keep those soft lips during the winter time. 
    Which colours are your favourite, please do share for the love of beautiful 💋

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