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  • Strawberry explosion

    Strawberry explosion

    The adjustment period after the holiday season is always a tough one. Firstly we have to "untrain" all those bad habits of nibbling every so often and just never having enough.

    Most of us are aware that we nibble on goodies that don't really feed our bodies with the nutrients and minerals that it needs, hence just carrying on in the cycle of nibbling.

    Consider including strawberries into your daily nibbling. They are not only good for you, they taste amazing too!

    What Is Strawberry?

    Strawberries grow in bushes and are delicious seasonal fruits that also boost your health. Strawberries are often associated with a European fruit; however, they are popular throughout the world.

    Strawberries are often eaten raw directly or by adding them to fruit salads, custards, and various other recipes. They are also extensively used in processed food items, including ice creams, jams, jellies, squashes, syrups, confections, baked goods, chocolates, and even in medicines due to their extraordinarily rich flavour, taste, and colour. But nothing beats fresh strawberries plucked from the bush and eaten raw!

    Nutritional Value Of Strawberry

    We know that fruits, particularly berries and those with exotic colours are rich in antioxidants, which means that they are huge boosters of your health. Strawberries are no exception to this rule; in addition to antioxidants and polyphenols, they have many other nutrientsvitamins, and minerals that contribute to the overall health benefits of these berries. These nutrients include vitamin C, folate, potassiummanganese, dietary fibre, and magnesium.

    Even the healthiest snack sometimes need to be eaten in a different way, try out this easy recipe to enhance your Strawberry experience!

    Strawberry Sensation

    2 cups of fresh strawberries

    4 scoops of Strawberry flavour Rooibos Lifestyle Shake

    1 L of Annique Strawberry flavoured Rooibos tea (made with 4 tea bags)

    Blend all ingredients briefly in a blender, pour into Lolly moulds and pop into the freezer overnight. Enjoy!

    Snack time has never been this easy!

    Rooibos Always greetings   

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