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  • Return to a (R)evolutionary based diet

    Return to a (R)evolutionary based diet

    This is a diet of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, (raw) nuts and seeds, moderate physical activity, adding all the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs of primitive man. 


    face reality 

    Reality is - trans-fatty acids, sugar and refined carbohydrates are not essential to your diet, in reality, they destroy your health, so do processed and preserved foods.

    Supplementation is essential to your success.  Vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) are essential to your health and a successful lifestyle changeover. 

    stop counting  

    The Annique Lifestyle follows an (R)evolutionary Food Programme and does not require the counting of kilojoules, fat grams or carbohydrate grams. 

    Stick to raw, natural organic and nutrient dense food- if it requires reading a label, put it back on the shelf. 

    Replace breakfast and lunch with the nutrient-rich Annique Lifestyle Shake and eat a healthy dinner which includes meat, vegetables and salad. 

    Drink water, Annique Rooibos tea and Annique herbal teas.  The only thing you should count are the lost kilogrammes.

    do supplement  

    When you have a weight problem or a health concern, it is a clear indication that the body is out of balance. 

    While changing your lifestyle and diet, your body will need extra assistance to re-balance its functions.  We can plot your needs to determine which vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids your body needs. 

    Annique's Forever Healthy range of vitamin and mineral supplements has been created by nutritional experts to provide the optimum balance between science and nature.

    Advanced, complex scientific formulas, combined with the best nature has to offer, has provided a range that will help to improve and preserve your health and wellbeing. 


    Most people have less than optimal digestive systems, leading to poor ingestion of nutrients.  An unhealthy digestive tract and diseased organs will starve the rest of the body of essential nutrients and allow toxins into the bloodstream.  

    A diet high in refined carbohydrates also counteracts the good flora in the digestive system, leaving it depleted of these vital micro-organisms. 

    Changing over to Annique's Lifestyle Programme requires the supplementation of beneficial flora that will help the digestive system to break down and absorb food. 

    Taking probiotics will ensure that the maximum nutrition is extracted from food and supplements and allows the digestive system to heal itself. 

    This  link will take you to the OptiFlora where you can order it for quick delivery. 

    Take a look at the meal replacement flavours here, which you can also order for quick delivery. 

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  • Starving is not the answer to health

    Starving is not the answer to health

    People who are successful at weight loss have a long-term strategy, vision and a lifestyle approach to dieting. They know that changing their lifestyle takes time, planning and effort to be healthy, slimmer and younger for the rest of their lives. 
    IT TAKES TIME...if you lose more than 0.5-1kg per week you are going too fast and the weight might come back on just as fast. Set realistic goals to ensure you achieve your goal.

    If you would like to be monitored or just chat about getting started, send me a message at 0837163635 to check out meal options! to check out a little help to help burn that stored energy!


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