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  • What to do next?

    What to do next?

    We all know that we should avoid these evils that are everywhere around us, but before you know it, you have put your foot on the step and glided your way to the level where you need to be.

    Easy. Convenient.  

    It is a scientifically proven fact - people who weigh less and exercise, live longer, healthier lives.

    The best exercise is walking a bit further, climbing stairs instead of the convenient escalator.  Park further from the shops, walk those extra few metres.  Ride a bike, work in the garden, these are just a few examples of what we can begin to do to become more active in our daily lives.  Be intentional! 


    love yourself

    Tell your body what it needs to hear.  

    Your brain cannot distinguish between the truth and a lie.  It will believe what you tell it and will become what you tell it. 

    Use positive phrases when talking about yourself and your body. LOVE yourself, it is the only you that there is! 

    what you think of most - you become

     Rooibos Always greetings   


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