Repair your skin with the perfect pair

 2017-07-25 08:59 AM by
Repair your skin with the perfect pair
My life has changed so much since my little fur-child, Coco, has become part of our family, that it is difficult to imagine life before her.  
We really underestimate these little additions to the family and their ability to predict our behavior during each and every day.  They have far more time available to watch our every move in the hope that a walk might be squeezed into our busy schedules.  The slightest  hint of me even looking at my walking takkies, brings on a conversation that only Schnauzers are capable of!  The yipping reaches quite serious notes and the dancing is enough to let those practicing dance moves quite envious!
Each evening she precedes me to my evening routine and lies in wait in seal style while I perform my cleansing and nourishing routine, if I deviate, the consternation on her face is quite comical!
This brings me to the most amazing offer that we have on special during the month of February, it is crucial for our evening skin care routine.
One of my favourite products is the Creme de Nuit 50ml ( a Night cream on steroids) which helps to nourish, repair and visibly restore skin, improving its elasticity, cell turnover and ability to retain moisture.  This product is fragrance free and normally retails for R319. 
Another must have product for me is the Liquid Skin Nutrition 100ml which is a unique multi-vitamin enriched spray that aids skin cells to utilise nutrients better, this normally retails at R169.
Both of these products are available this month as a combo for only R319. 
To order yours now  click here  Creme de Nuit and Liquid Skin Nutrition
This is a great way to boost your skin before the season changes.  
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about these products or any others that we have at Annique.